Poll Says Species You’d Want to Belong to Is…

Fans made the logical choice. StarTrek.com, for our latest weekly poll, asked fans, Which species would you want to belong to? They chose from the following: Andorian, Bajoran, Borg, Cardassian, Ferengi, Klingon, Orion, Romulan, Vulcan and Xindi. Thousands of fans voted, and here are the results:

Star Trek, Spock, Vulcan

Vulcan (43%)

Star Trek, Major Kira, Bajoran

Bajoran (14%)

Star Trek, Worf, Klingon

Klingon (13%)

Star Trek, Romulan

Romulan (8% – 576 Votes)

Star Trek, Andorian

Andorian (8% – 566 Votes)

Star Trek, Borg

Borg (5%)

Star Trek, Orion

Orion (3% – 210 Votes)

Star Trek, Cardassian

Cardassian (2%, 186 votes)

Star Trek, Xindi

Xindi (1%)

And how did YOUR species of choice fare?

Be sure to vote in this week's poll…

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