FanSets’ Discovery Pin #6: VSA Burnham

And the 6th Pin in FanSets' Star Trek: Discovery Episode Pin set collection is Burnham, who figured prominently in the latest installment, "Lethe." She's depicted in the robes she wore during the scenes set at the Vulcan Science Academy, where she learned the truth about Sarek's fateful choice.

As previously reported, the Star Trek: Discovery Episode Pin set will include a total of 16 pins, specifically 15 episodic pins and an exclusive “Season 1 Pass Holder” pin. Every pin will note the season, episode number and episode title. After a new episode airs, will be updated with an image of that episode-specific pin. The pins will measure approximately 2 -2 ¼” square in size and feature a key person, ship, alien or item from each episode. As a special bonus, the first episode pin is an oversized 3” x 3” pin that celebrates the launch of latest chapter in the Star Trek saga.

Check out the pins that have been released so far:

Star Trek: Discovery, FanSets

Star Trek: Discovery, FanSets

Star Trek: Discovery, FanSets

Star Trek: Discovery, FanSets

The pins will be shipped in a series of two sets. The first (featuring eight episode pins and the "Season 1 Pass Holder" pin) will hit the mail four to six weeks after the 8th episode airs, and the second set (seven pins) will ship four to six weeks following Discovery's 15th episode. Fans must order before October 29th — just five days left — in order to receive the exclusive "Season 1 Pass Holder" pin; orders placed after midnight MST, October 29th, will include the 15 episode pins, but not the "Season 1 Pass Holder" pin. Due to fan demand, FanSets will make a very limited number of individual episode pins from the first half of the season available for single purchase starting Dec. 1st. The Season Pass holder pin will not be included. The retail for these highly collectible pins will be $19.95 each.

Sets shipping domestically to the United States are priced at $200 U.S., plus $25 shipping/handling, which includes shipping for both the first and second sets. Sets shipping internationally (anywhere in the world outside the United States) are $200 U.S., plus $50 shipping/handling, and that also includes shipping for both the first and second sets.

Go to to order your Limited Edition Star Trek: Discovery Episode Pin set.

Star Trek: Discovery streams Sunday nights on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada. The series streams on Mondays on Netflix in the rest of the world.

Star Trek Discovery CBS All Access

Star Trek Discovery Space Channel CraveTV

Star Trek Discovery Netflix

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