EXCLUSIVE: Get These Discovery Prints Home for the Holidays

The Star Trek Shop here at StarTrek.com has a pair of perfect holiday gifts available now for you or the Star Trek: Discovery fan amongst your friends and/or family.

First up is a Star Trek: Discovery Klingon poster. Created by Paul Shipper, it features T'Kuvma. Klingon Poster is a must have. The poster comes on photo matte paper and measures 24 x 36 inches with border. It’s priced at $54.95

Next, there’s the Star Trek: Discovery Starfleet Poster, also created by Paul Shipper. The poster depicts Captain Lorca, Burnham and Stamets. It comes on photo matte paper, measures 24 x 36 inches with border, and is priced at $54.95.

Go HERE for the Discovery Klingon Poster and HERE for the Discovery Starfleet Poster.

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