Discovery Standees & Klingon Uniform Tees Available Now

It's never too early to start your holiday shopping, and the Star Trek Shop here at is ready to help you lock in the perfect gift for the Star Trek fan in your life. Available now, and in stock, are a trio of Star Trek: Discovery standees, namely Burnham, Lorca and Stamets. Also available are three Klingon uniform t-shirts, representing Voq, T'Kuvma and L'Rell.

The Burnham standee measures 64" x 23," while the Lorca standee measures 71"x 24" and the Stamets standee measures 68" x 21." Each standee is sold separately and costs $39.95. Go HERE to purchase.

As for the shirts, Voq comes in red, T'Kuvma in black, and L'Rell in white. Each shirt is made of 100% polyesters and comes in sizes small to extra large. They're priced at $24.95 apiece. Go HERE to purchase.

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